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1 July 2013

It sounds easy enough, but when you sit down and try to think of newsletter content ideas that your customers will actually want to read, does the online newsletter or the email newsletter article suddenly go straight to the bottom of the priority list? Are you left thinking, this shouldn’t be so difficult? Well, you’re right and let me tell you why.

Most businesses and individuals tend to take their knowledge for granted. They believe that most of the knowledge they have about their business or industry is common knowledge to their market. This may be true, if it were your coworkers or competitors you were catering to, but you are communicating with your customers who are outside of your industry and they rely on you as their expert. Your customers may know a little about why they need your product or service, buut they want to know more and they want to hear it from an expert. That’s where you and your customer communications come in.

The basic knowledge that you learned years ago and use every day without even thinking about is what makes you the expert. And once you understand the fountain of knowledge that you and your employees have to offer, the easier it is to produce great newsletter content ideas and retain customers. So here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Tips: You’ve already spent the time figuring out how your product or service fits your customer’s business or interest. So now you can give them tips or tricks that someone outside the industry may not know, like why it is critical to change your oil or rotate your tires regularly, or why changing your passwords frequently can protect you from identity theft. It may feel basic to you, but more often than not, it is not basic to your customers and can result in new revenue.

Best Practices: Tell your customers the best way to do something that is directly related to their business or interest. For example, the best way to organize your workbench or best practices for lowering energy costs through optimization of energy consumed by computer equipment. It can be as much information as a white paper or as little as a few paragraphs in an email newsletter article.

Review a 3rd Party Product or Service: Give them a personal review of a cool product or service that you use and that your customer may be interested in. Review a cell phone cover for a particular cell phone that you sell or a mountain bike you just bought if you sell products to mountain bikers. When you step into your customer’s shoes, there is no shortage of newsletter content ideas.

Company Events, Funny Quotes, or Fun Videos: This is a great way to show your customers your company’s personality. List events you attend or sponsor like trade shows, charity events, and conferences. When you don’t have many events going on, you can use funny quotes, stories, or fun videos that your customers would enjoy. Customers like dealing with people they know, so sharing a little personal touch can help bring you closer to your customers.

Incentives: Use your customer communications to offer rewards like discounts, coupons, or one-day-only sales. But don’t let this be the only thing you offer—give them incentives and valuable information that will help them justify why they need your online newsletter subscription.

Once you tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of your business, your online newsletter or email newsletter articles or any customer communication will become a priority, your customers will take notice, and your bookkeeper will be happy to tell you that your revenues are growing. And that is something all businesses want to hear.

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